Abstract painter Kara Loop is like perpetual performance art. The only time Loop stops engaging with passers by is when she stands before a canvas, silent, with brush in hand and music in her ears. “It’s the closest I get to my authentic self,” says Loop, describing her state of consciousness when painting. “It’s like meditation, but I’m tapping into all my energy. It’s exhausting.” But never exhausted, it seems. Loop defies the stereotype of brooding artist. The Vancouver-born painter seems to run on the fuel of collaboration and social connection. Her love of collaboration inspired the creation of the Unit B Creative Collective in Edmonton. Kara’s energy attracted its denizens, a stable of talented writers, designers and software specialists. To her mates she is social convener, den mother, dreamed-of sister, new best friend, collaborator and cheerleader. A graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, her studies included an exchange at the prestigious Instituto Europeo di Design University in Milan, Italy.